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Milkyway Live from Agawa village

The Milkyway Live from Agawa village in Kochi, Japan has finished on Dec.14,1998. Thank you for your access. We made the digest pages for the live. Please see them and enjoy.
Thank you.

Milkyway Live

Live was from 7:00pm to 5:00am JST(10:00 to 20:00 UT)

What's new

Leonids Live '99 will be carried out NEW!

RealVideo image of Leonids

Milkyway Live - Digest

Gemini meteor captured by the CCD camera

Leonids meteor picture
taken by Astronomical Observatory Modra

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Kochi Prefecture Education Committee
The Nippon Meteor Society : NMS
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Yamanashi Science Museum
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To those who came from "Hekirision", please see this.

Announcement on Nov.30, 1998
Press Release on Dec. 6, 1998
Press Release on Oct.28, 1998

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